Govibly - A Branded Tribe Spreading Hope and Love


A person that grew up in this 21st-century world can carry the impression that technology runs everything and that with a cell phone and some money in the account, there is nothing more to be stressed about in life. Money run things.

The phone continues to work, with high speed internet data, connecting us to different parts of the world. Specific group of people run the media world and indeed the internet. We see them as our model but maybe the whole system was set up to pump of their ego.



But what if we, applying the same modern technology and platform to run things that the ultimate benefit not only come to us? What about if we use the same technology to connect with other people that so desperately need help. What if the biggest media app on our cell phone is the ones that lead us to stories that explore the pathways of unity, hope and righteousness. What if we go out of our virtual reality world and make it an effort to connect and relate with other people in honest and genuine ways? How about training our hearts to focus on the good in others irrespective of how evil they may appear? It is true that loving some people irrespective may not bring about change or a better estate for them. What if we love other people just the way God loves with all the flaws, mess and randomness. Maybe the benefit of such love "in-spite-of" is actually to experience a personal depth not necessarily requiring the approval of other parties involved but to enjoy the blessedness of a tranquil life and the approval of God himself.


We are now at a time where despite living in crowded cities full of activities and events, we still feel very lonely like we are the only ones on planet earth. Despite the number of things we have, we feel like we still don't have anything. Maybe we need to step out of our virtual reality and be willing to engage and interact with people around us. Nothing fancy, today more than ever before, a simple hello how are you doing, a smile on your face and the grace you show goes a long way.

And that is tribe that Govibly represents. Through our carefully crafted products, we want everyone to see the power to organically relate with other people. We want to create sustainable conversations. We want to have a business that is responsive to time and is able to impact our world for good. Yes, with our mobile phones and tech gadgets in our hands. Its time. Govibly! 

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