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Together we are becoming today's good news stories

Our community and the positive footprints we are making around the world

Spreading good godly vibes everywhere with love! And I am glad you're part of this journey with me.

Through your support, Govibly continues to fulfill its mission of spreading good godly vibes with love all around the world. Together, as we strengthen and encourage one another, we provide room for more good to be done. Inevitably, together, we become today's good news story.

We created a fixed portion of our proceeds plan (FPPP), where we save a significant portion of our profits. We use the FPPP funds to support children and families in need of assistance and support. In Nigeria, earlier in 2018, we provided education support and financial assistance to students who were at the brink of dropping out of school due to sudden loss of their parents and lack of funds to pay their school fees. It is good news stories such as this that inspire us to keep doing what we do.

In subsequent months, we will be partnering with other local and international charities to provide food, water and shelter to communities in need around the world. 

Everyday, we continue to see young people in our community who need empowerment and support in fulfilling their God-given dreams and vision. This is what gave rise to our Govibly Nights of Creativity and our financial literacy and empowerment program designed to help youths who have various gifts and talents maximize their potential for the collective good of all. All these ventures fall in line of Oluwaseun Oyeniran's training and background and he brings this wealth of experience into Govibly.

We will be updating this page periodically as we continue with our business for social-good (BfSG) strategy which is very important to us at Govibly. More pictures, data, correspondence with beneficiaries and recipients and much more inspiring content.


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Here are 10 Noteworthy Things About Govibly

As we open the doors of Govibly to the whole today July 1st 2018, here are 10 things we are extremely proud of and that you as a customer will feel very proud and excited about:

  1. We put in extra effort to source for our garments and materials from non-sweatshop factories or countries without adequate labour laws. In particular we worked with US companies that have workers in Nicaragua and Honduras that operate with the same labour and industrial laws as that of US Department of Labour laws and that of other North American country labour laws. Although this impacted our profit because we don’t want to push the additional cost to our customer, we feel confident in doing this as part of our social-good business model. So no sweatshops only good vibes.
  2. Despite the marginal profits, we have gone ahead to implement a Fixed Portion of Profit Plan (FPPP) that will be for supporting worthy causes and partnering with local and international charities in helping people in need around the world. You can visit to so see more on how Govibly FPPP funds are making a difference in the lives of people. Through your help, we will continue to spread hope and create more good news stories.
  3. Govibly hosts periodic creative, branding, arts, entrepreneurship and business development training for young people. We also host financial literacy training and workshop for youths. We are currently in partnership with community centres in building creative and innovations hubs for young people.
  4. Employment, internship and training to young people in our community to help them gain business skills and experiences and to provide source of income while staying away from street culture. We believe every individual has a unique potential that can be a blessing to this world and through nurturing these potentials, skills and providing training and exposure, young people can become positive contributors of our economic life.
  5. We look forward to partnership and collaboration with other organizations who are equally passionate about spreading good vibes and empowering people to become today’s good news stories. Our footprint around the world positions us to be able to reach larger target group around the world.
  6. We are committed to establishing a new tribe of people who are passionate about sharing truth and Bible-based principles in our modern-day context while at the same time empowering a community of good-doers.
  7. Govibly as a company is primarily a family-run business involving myself, my wife and some help from my in-laws and family members. We are committed to going over and beyond to serve you and to extend the very love in our own life and family into yours. We believe family is very important and with the kids and off-spring of it, families plays key role in our business model and strategy.
  8. All designs and art work are hand drawn by myself. I derive inspiration from many sources but primary look at design through the lens of the scripture.
  9. All Govibly t-shirts are created with the latest in shirt printing technology. All inks are waterbased and eco-friendly. This gives each print a soft, comfortable feel.
  10. We ship anywhere in the world and have worked really hard to get the best shipping rates both locally and internationally for all the range of products we create and sell. This is probably one of our biggest accomplishments.

I also started the Govibly Mobile App is a critical component of the entire project from the very beginning. I have developed the entire concept and currently discussing with developers. Click here to see a demo/prototype of what the mobile app will look like as I shared recently on social media. Govibly mobile app will be launching in 2019 and will feature new tools to keep us connected and spreading hope and love in a world that so desperately needs it. The App will include a crowdfunding feature where users can create their own small creative/community project and solicit the support of the Govibly community. The app will also have the capability to reward users who support each other, share inspiring contents and carry out Govibly designated “good tasks” that brings up and encourages our community.

Oluwaseun Oyeniran,

Founder and Designer, Govibly 

I am more than available to sit with you over a coffee table so we can talk more about Govibly and what we can do together. Feel free to reach me by using our contact us page or @govibly on all social media platforms or just email me at I personally respond to all inquiries and requests. Plus I love to hear good news stories :) 


Read more about the story behind  how I created each Govibly design. I made the designs into colouring sheets that the family can enjoy together. Kids really love it too! Please download and print the colouring sheets here.

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