Our Story

Govibly was born out of a desire to produce quality, well designed gospel-themed products that I will like to buy and use myself.

We didn't start out as a big corporation, I started by building on fundamental design principles that have matured along with me over the years. The personal touch and transparency that Govibly has now been known for will continue to be evident in all that we do.

 The Passion

The idea for Govibly came while I was thinking of some of the challenges we are facing our community and indeed our world today; the scarcity of good news stories, and how I can use what I have in my own little way to create something that can help spread good vibes in the everyday ordinary things that we do. I got this strong feeling that together, as we connect with the good in and around us, we can actually create and become today's good news stories ourselves

Having spent over a decade printing t-shirt using DIY techniques and building exceptional skills in design using software such as CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator, I essentially built Govibly from the scratch by applying fundamental design concepts using lines and shapes and kept things simple but solid. I have high inclination for quality in all that I do so that rubbed on my design and production process for Govibly as well. My strongest motivation for Govibly is however the opportunity of sharing the good news.

Keeping It Personal



Working as a typical 9-5 I took extra time to build Govibly from the scratch adding a little idea, content, and design every night. I have produced and manufactured several t-shirts over the years but felt really strong in the early part of 2018 to start off as a lifestyle brand. Knowing that the work of keeping a truly strong brand alive is going to be a demanding one, I still decided to give it a shot and expand myself further. It's a function of faith and just taking the leap as you trust God for life and all.

"It’s all about living intentionally and purposefully; following my passion and taking those little steps to make the world a better place - one day at a time"

Community Is Very Important to Me

Being a brand built on the foundations of faith and a culture to inspire and create positive vibes, we have incorporated a charity component on top of what we do. Not only do specific portion of our profit go to those in need, we will also be doing cloth drives during special seasons of the year to provide for the homeless. Throughout the year, we hope to partner with other community agencies to host Govibly events to help raise funds for select charities. Some of our special sales events are driven to raise funds to provide meals to children and to help orphanages around the world.

I am happy with all the positive responses we have received so far from the community. As we continue to grow, my hope is that the positive messages that our brand and products stand for will encourage other people everywhere all over the world.

 What's Next

Ever since the beginning, Govibly has been about my passion first and foremost for the gospel and also for quality well designed products. It is about positioning ourselves in this 21st century modern day era to effectively spread gospel truth as well as promote the use of talent and arts in designing products that will bring hope and inspire people.

As we continue to grow in a lot of ways, our core mandate is to remain committed to our original mission of producing gospel-themed products and using this as a medium to ultimately spread love and good godly vibes.

I will continue to pay close attention to the quality of our design ensuring that it remains first in class, representing everything you will expect of a modern-day brand.

Every single item is still personally designed by me, and I think the designs are maturing alongside my own depth and experiences.

Through your help and support, we envisage greater acceptance in our community and all around the world, and that the knowledge of the brand spreads organically through word of mouth and online features.

I am more than available to sit with you over a coffee table so we can talk more about Govibly and what we can do together. Feel free to reach me by using our contact us page or @govibly on all social media platforms or just email me at govibly@gmail.com. I personally respond to all inquiries and requests. Plus I love to hear good news stories :) 


Read more about the story behind  how I created each Govibly design. I made the designs into colouring sheets that the family can enjoy together. Kids really love it too! Please download and print the colouring sheets here.

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See also our community footprint and more about our social-good business model that will make all our customer feel very proud to be associated with our brand.