Govibly Brand Ambassadors - Spreading Good Godly Vibes Everywhere With Love

Together, we are today’s good news stories.

Spreading good godly vibes within our global community. The Govibly brand provides each one of us with the unique opportunity to spread messages of hope, truth, love, inspiration and more.

Govibly is primarily run by founder and designer Oluwaseun Oyeniran with support from his wife Channon Oyeniran. The vision in their heart is to create well designed gospel-themed products that will empower everyone of us to become today’s good news stories. But right from the conception of Govibly, they knew it was not going to be a one-person business.

Community is very dear to Oluwaseun’s  heart who strongly believes that we can accomplish more together. And knowing fully well that community is not only limited to where we physically live but also the communities we are building through the power of social media capabilities and technology. Our family, friends and relatives reside all over the world and our network extends to various regions all around the world. So we thought it would be great to have a select few people who will work closely with us to spread good godly vibes (Govibly) everywhere.

Our brand is built on a strong, sophisticated and fully suited e-Commerce platform having similar powers and capabilities comparable to some popular e-commerce platform (e.g. Amazon, Walmart, etc). So it made absolute sense for Govibly communities to spring up everywhere around the world building on the power of the message of truth that inspires our brand, the strength of social media and utilization of a fully suited e-commerce platform.

Govibly Ambassadors

The foregoing paved the way for Govibly Ambassadors. It wasn’t long after Govibly kicked off on July 2018 we noticed a few of our close friends picked significant interest in Govibly as a brand and what it stands for. It gladdens our hearts as we now have Govibly ambassadors in Canada, New Zealand, Nigeria, USA and with a few more regions. Here are our brand ambassadors (we will be updating this as we grow):

Canada: Vadim Bafoly and Durotimi Thompson

New Zealand: Dr. Samuel Ekundayo and Dr. Mayowa Ekundayo

United States: Olusegun Oyeniran and Fikayo Benson

Nigeria: Oluwatayo Benedict

Benefits of Being A Govibly Ambassador 

Govibly Ambassadors have a number of benefits including:

  • Having first-hand knowledge of products before they’re launched
  • close working relationship with Govibly founder and designer to review and contribute to background stories, design process and outreach campaigns
  • Mobilize their local community towards not only buying Govibly products but also sharing the gospel message that guides our products and production process.
  • Govibly Ambassadors will be entitled to complementary products such as stickers, banners and other brand elements that will help them with their ambassadorial duties.

In the future, we will be hosting Govibly community events around the world where we will be reaching out to our community to share hope, love, inspiration, and empowerment. Through such events, we will also be sharing and raising funds for those that are in need ( learn more about - Govibly FPPP - fixed portion of profit plan and our community footprint).

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador kindly send an email to with the subject line “Govibly Ambassador”. 

Below are pictures of some of Govibly Ambassadors from all around the world. Together, we are today’s good news stories as we lift up the good that we see in ourselves and around us.



Dr. Mayowa doing the inspirational jump wearing Govibly Christ In My Everyday Life T-Shirt

New Zealand Govibly Ambassadors Dr. Samuel Ekundayo and Dr. Mayowa Ekundayo both in their Govibly Christ in Everyday Life T-Shirt


Founder and Designer Oluwaseun Oyeniran and Son Araoluwa with Canada Govibly Ambassadors, Durotimi and Vadim. All four are wearing Govibly T-Shirts Random Yet Joyful (24months size), At God's Wavelength and Only One is The Greatest T-Shirts.




Read more about the story behind  how I created each Govibly design. I made the designs into colouring sheets that the family can enjoy together. Kids really love it too! Please download and print the colouring sheets here.

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