Random Yet Joyful - Making the Most Along the Journey

"There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them." Acts 17:28 (NIV)

I am yet to see a person who only does one thing in life. Despite the fact that we are all made to have at least one area of specialization, chances are that a large number of us are either multi-talented or are doing a number of things until we figure out that one thing we are called to do.

All colours and shades come from God. So whether you are joggling singing and a catering job together or you are a full time mother nursing your children at home while running a freelance design company or you’re that hands of guy who combines a cleaning job with interior design and furnishing work on a call basis, everything is perfectly normal. It’s all part of the journey.

Enjoy the process. Take stock of your progress. Rejoice in all things.It’s ok to try out many things while building competency on the growth curve. There are certain things we clearly notice that we are not good at. There are some we find that we are good at. But if we don’t first try out things, how do we find our competency or know what we are really good at? So don’t beat your head because you feel you don’t know what you’re called to do as of yet. Whatever random stuff you find doing, do it well. It will pave way for the next big thing.

Take myself for example. I work 9-5 as a professional senior data analyst in financial intelligence, love the scriptures, gifted in design and art, grounded to some extent in IT. I have struggled for long to figure out which one specific thing I can do better. I am yet to answer the question. But over the years, I have learnt to enjoy the journey and continue to build and create with the multiple gifts, skills, talents and exposure I have. Govibly is a product of that place of rest where everything appear to find their expression. I have learnt that no matter what I find doing, I should do it well and more importantly ensure that God is with me and approves of it.

While you are trying to figure things out, don't stay idle. Engage. Create. Contribute to the growth and well being of others. Serve your employer diligently; and finetune your gifts and calling through service, practice and experience.

Jesus submitted Himself to the humility of being fully human like every one of us in our randomness (Philippians 2:6–8). In fact, there is some evidence that the Greek word used for “carpenter” (tekton) could also be translated more broadly as “artisan,” “contractor,” or “handyman.” It is possible, therefore, that Jesus and Joseph were the sort of men you call when something needs to be fixed—be it made of wood, stone, or something else. The joy and blessedness of being random :)In our technologically advanced modern day 21st century world, we are faced with a number of questions that require a multifaceted approach to answer them.

"Although we are all made to have at least one area of specialization, chances are that a large number of us are either multi-talented or are doing a number of things until we figure out that one thing we are called to do. What ever you find doing, do it well. Do it gladly."

Our ability to embrace multiple skills, talents and ability place us in a position to reach more people and bring increasingly sustainable solution.A note of caution though. Don’t be a jack of all trade and master of none. Be a Jack of a few trades and master in some. In the randomness of life, through the ups and down, the good and not-so-good experiences, we get to find blessedness of God and life and to unravel all the gifts and talents placed inside of us. So go for it. Do it with love and some vitality. Celebrate all through the way. Spread good vibes.

Find the joy in all situations - unleash happiness.

Random Yet Joyful is just that design that catches every moment. Mix this together with the backpack and you get some kind of a vibly feel and radiance. In everything, always find the joy. Do it with love.

I have been terrifically blessed creating every line, shap and elements of the Random Yet Joyful design. I pray that you feel blessed as much as I have too wearing and using these designs.

Random Yet Joyful top available in various sizes and print colours. Create yours here.

Random Yet Joyful Backpack (full colour)

Random Yet Joyful Socks (Coloured) 

Random Yet Joyful backpack (black and white print)


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As you wear this shirt, you carry a powerful message of joy, hope, courage, strength and everything in-between. The short message above will be put in a postcard and ships together with every order. Both the t-shirt and the postcard can be used as a short message or encouraging words with a group or during personal conversations.

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