The Journey So Far - How Trusting God and Following His Word Can Inspire Multitudes

"Every single purchase on Govibly not only inspires my heart, it is a blessing to someone else also because proceeds are used to bless those in need and less privileged." - Oluwaseun Oyeniran

We are just about barely three months into running Govibly and it is fascinating to see how much impact this has made in the life of so many people.

I took time to go over the stats a few days ago and as you will see below, both in terms of number of sales and revenue, Govibly has grown. 

Govibly Stats (July - September 2018)

While I can't mention if there is a particular strategy to this, one thing I can say for sure is that when God lay something in your heart, He most probably had prepared the ground already. All you have to do is believe Him. While the online store doesn't necessarily record sales everyday at this stage, we are grateful for every purchase made. Together, we are extending the Bible message of hope, love, truth, encouragement and more which we have been so careful to intricately weave into our design and production process.

Go from thinking and talking to actual doing

We want this post to inspire you. God has laid something in your heart. Go for it. You may not be able to figure everything out at the onset but keep moving. Take it one day at a time. Doing what God has placed in your heart to do is not only for your personal reward, what we have found in running Govibly for the past couple months is that there are other people who will benefit from your obedience. You are an answer to someone’s call. God placed you here as a solution to someone’s problem. What you have is more than enough. You just have to believe.


Picture of our customer, @kingasher who shared her Govibly beanie Instagram

Together We Are Today's Good News Stories

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this journey. The message of Govibly so far has spread through word of mouth so every support we get from you will go a long way in reaching more people and blessing more lives. Your help and support has been the primary reason why we have grown organically, closely knitted to people and the community we operate in. By helping share our story and telling your friends, family and relatives about us, we are directly and indirectly contributing to the spreading of the gospel message. Our world needs this positive messages more than ever before. More importantly, for every purchase, after we pay our suppliers and cover other production cost, profits are kept aside to help those in need - we created an FPPP fund for this very purpose (learn more about Govibly Fixed Portion of Profit Plan Fund).


We will be announcing from time to time how this fund will be utilized and encourage you to become a Govibly Ambassador so that you can join us in making significant contributions to communities around the world. 


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Read more about the story behind how I created each Govibly design. I made the designs into colouring sheets that the family can enjoy together. Kids really love it too! Please download and print the colouring sheets here.

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Learn more about our community footprint and more about our social-good business model that will make all our customer feel very proud to be associated with our brand.

Learn more about Oluwaseun Oyeniran and the Govibly Story



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